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Orlandia Line

Created by Bioremedy, this line includes: visage cream with hyaluronic acid; anti-aging creams for mature, mixed, dry and sensitive skin. Try our visage serums based on hyaluronic acid, our scrub gel, our tonic and our eye contour. We also offer roll-on perfumes in Sicilian zagara, sandalwood, lilac, jasmine, tuberose and patchouli. Bioremedy cosmetics have comfortable and safe formulas on the skin, because they are completely free of petrolatum, dyes, silicones, parabens and animal derivatives. Our products are also suitable for vegans.

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Sexual tonic

This is an herbal supplement, which is useful in all cases where a tonic and stimulating effect is required on a general level. The product is able to improve physical and sexual performance.

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Through our online shop you can buy draining, purifying, slimming supplements, flower compositions, mother tinctures, monoplants, vegetable oils, essential oils, dermocosmetics and much more. All items are also available at our store.