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Herbs and mother tinctures

In order to prevent and treat small seasonal illnesses it is possible to resort to herbs and mother tinctures, which can quickly solve the problem. Here you will find numerous natural remedies in Capo d'Orlando, made with carefully selected ingredients, to be sure to offer only the best in terms of quality and safety. Our production includes many hydroalcoholic solutions: yarrow, turmeric, hawthorn, chlorophyll, horsetail, ginseng, pansy, hypericum, horse chestnut, raspberry, stonebreaker, rose hip, rosemary and much more. The hydroalcoholic solution, also known as mother tincture, consists of a liquid preparation based on a special hydroalcoholic solution, containing water and alcohol, in which the part of the plant containing the active ingredient is macerated.
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Why using hydroalcoholic solutions

The purpose of the hydroalcoholic solutions is strictly connected with the different plants used for preparation. In fact, each of them has different effects linked to the active ingredients extracted. Often, mother tinctures of different plants are associated because they act in perfect synergy, increasing the beneficial effect of the main plant. Hydroalcoholic solutions are used to solve numerous problems; for example, for anxiety, depression and sleep disorders it is possible to resort to passion flower or hypericum. If you suffer from slow digestion, fennel, lemon balm and rosemary are definitely the most suitable remedies. If you want to purify your body you must choose the milk thistle, burdock, dandelion or artichoke.